Have you ever heard of singer Ava Max? She’s a 26-year-old pop artist from the US that has been getting more popular as of recent, and her songs are just incredible. You might recognize her from her different hairstyle – one half is longer than the other. The singer and songwriter released her first single in 2013, and after many rejections, she was signed by a record company in 2016. While there still are many songs out there that are meaningless, only about the one thing or dissing other people (exes, competitors, etc.), most of her songs tend to have a meaning behind them.

From songs about female empowerment to self-acceptance, many of her songs have a message that is really relevant to the world we live in now. In an age where bullying and sexism exist, her message can be used as an inspiration for each of us to change something in our lives in order to make it better. Here’s the message that can be interpreted from 4 of her songs:

1 Kings & Queens

I would say this song is the perfect representation of our constant fight for gender equality: “No damsel in distress, no need to save me”. The song talks about many things that we go through and how we are underestimated most of the time because men think they don’t need our help or opinions, but “can’t run this show on your own”. There’s the not so subtle metaphor which also throws a punch at the typical male sense of superiority over women in “And you might think I’m weak without a sword,
but if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours.” Ava also sends her respect to all the women who are the main breadwinners, which represents more than 50% of the households worldwide in “We would pop champagne and raise a toast to all of the queens who are fighting alone.” Pretty powerful stuff.

2 My Way

This song represents our fight against sexism; for example, how both genders apparently don’t have the same freedom to say what’s on their mind: “How come when I say what’s on my mind like men do, I’m called crazy?” The song replays some of the constricting things us ladies hear a little too often and Ava Max replies to it saying she’ll do things her way and that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do so, and neither do we.

3 Not Your Barbie Girl

Not only does this song include the message that “No means no” (“You can’t touch me there, you can’t touch my body, unless I say so, ain’t yo’ Barbie, no”) but it also demolishes the idea that there is an “ownership” whenever you are with someone. The song also talks about losing the constraint that some relationships have, like when you get put in a box, and doing what you want to do.

4 So Am I

This song brings us an understanding that every single person we meet and know is different and that that’s okay. We shouldn’t change because we’re different, after all, as Ava sings, “so am I”. Not just that, the song says that we shouldn’t try to be like everyone else or how they expect us to be because we are beautiful just the way we are. And coming from a pop artist, that can be a great comfort to people who feel like misfits in a world that has become apparently more and more judgmental.


To the older generations reading this post, don’t let your prejudice that these are “teenage” songs stop you from listening to Ava Max as the message in her songs is relevant for all women, no matter how old you are. As with everything new in life, give it a try – you might just like it!

by Bruna Gorresio