We have already had a couple of posts about hair maintenance and some tricks. This post will cover some basic care routines that not everyone does fully, maybe by skipping some steps when in a rush or because of some misconception about them.

1 Brush your hair every day

I understand that not all hair types allow this to be possible, as curly hair is normally only possible to be brushed when wet. But some people seem to have the misconception that the more you brush your hair, the more it gets knotted up more easily. I actually have a friend that thought that but after I made her brush her hair whenever I did when we were together, you could clearly see the difference as she had fewer knots when brushing her hair. That also resulted in her hair breaking a little less.

2 Pre shower care

For those who haven’t read the post on things that damage your hair, go read it before getting into this point. It is important to do somewhat of a  treatment before washing our hair, even if it’s something as simple as brushing it before getting the hair wet. Our hair is more sensitive when wet, so it can be very effective to treat it before showering as the results tend to last somewhat longer, in my experience at least 😉.

3 When shampooing

Apply the shampoo to your roots only, as it’s where the main concentration of dirt and oil is. If you’re worried about the rest of your hair staying dirty, don’t worry. The shampoo will run down the hair taking away all impurities/dirt with it. You can apply some shampoo to the rest of your hair if you truly want to, but the main concentration is at the roots. Also, make sure to not double shampoo – even if you have oily hair – as it will make your hair dry and potentially damage it.

4 When applying conditioner

Some people seem to have the misconception that conditioner is a magical worker, as in, as soon as you apply it, it has its effect, and you can already wash it off. That is not the case. Unlike shampoo, we need to leave the conditioner in our hair for a couple of minutes in order for it to take effect in our hair. It is normal for a bottle of conditioner to include how long you should leave the product in your hair for. You can consider the time as a suggestion, but the product was made by a professional that knows what they are doing so it’s probably a good idea to follow it.

5 After shower care

As mentioned in a previous post, it’s not good for your hair to put it up in a towel as soon as you get out of the shower. You can use the towel to get it dry but don’t leave the towel on it for a long period of time. Let your hair down and comb it with an appropriate wide-toothed comb in order to make sure there are no knots leftover while your hair is drying.


By Bruna Gorresio