By now, we’ve talked a little about the healing process and how draining it can be. Despite the fact that it is a long process, it can be a very gratifying thing to go through – once it’s “finished”, of course. Here’s where the slightly bad part can come in: after going through something hard – potentially the hardest thing we have ever been through – we tend to forget how to truly be happy. I mean, sure we can still find some superficial moments of happiness throughout our daily lives, but they are not long lasting.

Healing is a process that might have demons surrounding us a lot of the time, which is why we lean so much on other people to make us feel sane and happy through it. Not that that’s bad, but it is a crutch and can turn into dependency on other people. Yes, it can be beneficial during the healing process, when happiness seems like something unreachable, but it is important to look for the things that you alone can do to make yourself happy. Friends will still always be there when you need them, but you need to be able to spend time alone and still be happy – as hard as that may seem.

I wish I could give you the guide on how you can find inner happiness, but as I’m still in the process of finding it, I can’t – yet. What I can say is that reconnecting to habits – such as writing blogs 😉 – really helped me feel not only happy but sane. Having hobbies and reconnecting with yourself can help you find your inner happiness.

If you are still in the healing process, I know the concept of happiness can feel either foreign or very unachievable to you – and maybe it is at this very second, but it won’t be forever. Feeling happy is one of the best feelings there is out there, and it makes life a lot more enjoyable. People can still help you feel happy but being able to be happy when you are alone is a way of guaranteeing yourself a more stable, less co-dependent, relationship with people.

I wish all of our readers nothing but happiness in their lives. As much as you might be in pain right now, I am sure you will find the strength to rise from this and be an amazingly strong person.

Please let us know in the comments if you want us to cover any specific topics about healing and how you are doing with your situation. This is a safe space for anyone and everyone to share whatever they want to – even if anonymously.

By Bruna Gorresio