Regardless of what you have been through in your life, nothing is more crucial than feeling ready before you move on from a specific experience. Truthfully, you might never be 100% ready – is there even such a thing as being 100% anything? – which is to be expected. Change is one thing that universally terrifies the majority of people, and it can be even worse if you are not truly ready for it. Being forced to change and move on from something before you are ready to do so is probably going to lead to bad results.

Even if people think that you are stalling to move on because you are afraid of doing so, it is important to check whether that is the case or if you are honestly not ready to move on. Now comes the billion-dollar question: how do you know if you are ready? And my honest answer is I have no clue, I guess it’s just that instinct within you telling you that you are, as terrifying as it might sound.

What I know with almost 100% certainty is that if we try moving on from something negative or traumatic before we are ready, it can lead us in the wrong direction. Think of it like someone trying to get over an ex by having a one-night stand and catching an STD. Doesn’t sound too fun or comfortable, does it? As much as we may doubt them at times, our instincts are constantly trying to protect us from doing something potentially stupid or dangerous, and they can also guide us in our healing process.

By taking our time to heal and properly move on from situations we go through, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn how to avoid them in the future. Also, we get the chance to build our strength to be a better version of ourselves. By being ready, we prevent the pile of things we need to deal with from becoming massive, making them a lot easier to cope with. It may sound underrated, but you will thank me when you only have to deal with 1 situation at a time instead of 5.

by Bruna Gorresio